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Darren Wright & Dave Skinner





Darren Wright and Dave Skinner are experts in building brands from the ground up. For over 17 years, their creative partnership has yielded hundreds of top industry awards. Their portfolio spans every category imaginable. 


When the NFL was reeling from consistently declining ratings for the playoffs, Darren and Dave helped create the first advertising campaign for the NFL - their award winning work featuring Don Cheadle.  Not only did the campaign create a lasting bond with fans, it led to record-breaking viewership of the playoffs and Super Bowl.


Creativity named their spot, “Crazy,” one of the Top 20 Super Bowl ads of all time.

Darren and Dave also helped transition an old brand - AT&T - into the number one wireless company in the world.  Their consistent award-winning work garnered them a number five ranking in Time Magazine’s Top 10 Everything of 2008 list, for the acclaimed AT&T “Scorsese” spot. 


They even built their own brand from the ground up.  Darren and Dave were two of the three original founding members of Leo Burnett New York. As Executive Creative Directors, they helped grow the agency into an award-winning shop that straddles the spectrum from small creative agency to worldwide partner for a diverse range of clients.  There they inspired the United Nations to create a first of its kind “marketplace for words” designed to turn people’s words into real humanitarian aid. “The World Needs More” campaign has generated over 1 billion media impressions to date, and the UN has made it a permanent platform to generate essential funding for humanitarian aid efforts around the world.


While their primary focus has been on brand building and new media development, Darren and Dave have also written segments for Fox Television’s “The Best Damn Sports Show Period”, aided in the development of a pilot for Paramount Television (based on a campaign they created for Sony) and recently helped launch a new channel for Nickelodeon. 


Darren and Dave's secret to success is loving what they do and surrounding themselves with people who feel the same way.



Hyperbolic Creative, radio advertising, radio production

Hyperbolic Creative Radio Advertising - Executive Creative Directors
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