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Sean Elias-Reyes




Sean is a successful voiceover actor as well as co-founder of Hyperbolic Audio, one of NYC's top audio post facilities.  As an actor, Sean has been the voice of major brands like Courtyard Marriott, AFLAC, and Burlington Coat Factory, as well as animated characters in “The Smurfs 1 & 2”, “Robot Chicken” and “The Family Guy”.  


Hyperbolic Audio, the studio he owns with Julian Rebolledo and one of NYC's top audio post facilities, has recorded and/or mixed for television and radio commercials, documentary films, animation for TV and film and worked with heavy hitters like Translation, Y&R, and The Vidal Partnership.  They are also home to major motion picture studios like Dreamworks, Paramount and 20th Century Fox.

Hyperbolic Creative, radio advertising, radio production

Hyperbolic Creative - Sean Elias-Reyes Partner
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